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– Experience Heart of Now


These are some of my "Quips". That’s what I call them anyway…

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– FA

Welcome to my FocalAxis.

Here I hope to provide easy access to the range of resources and information I have available.

This web site has been effectively on hold for an extended period, the subject of which is an intense account which I plan to share parts of here as I write the book.

In the last four years I have met several thousand people. I have traveled in several states. In this process many people shared deeply personal things with me, which with anonymity, I may share. There is a subculture few are aware of. Because there are many clans and tribes living on the streets in the United States.

While surviving, I did clinical work wherever I was able. I learned many things.

It is clear to any who care, that the singularity of our species, perhaps even all life of this planet – is nearly upon us. I’ll explain why I can say I know this.

Since my first construction of so much has happened. I’ve lost a great deal, materially. Nevertheless I’ve gained something, and so the content basis of what I share here has new things. There are new images and things are reorganized. I will have some other new features, namely mind maps, as well.

I hope you enjoy your experience of this material.

May peace be yours,


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