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I know these places of darkness wherin you tread, for I too have tread them. Yet they do not rule me. Having passed through this realm with eyes wide, I know it. Now in my strength, I compass the light and the dark, and neither rules me.


How can this be, one asks? It is that forever dichotomy is ripe for transcendence, if only the warrior will pick and eat this fruit.


Thus the never and the ever of all things manifest in time’s expanse may be born in our knowing and expressed in our magical being. Nothing may limit us where we choose and keep our freedom. And what is freedom, but the state of choosing to be so?


Authenticity is the crown worn by the ruler of this place and peace is the name of this realm. None may give it nor any take it from another, for within us is it established and met.


As a tree no other may compare, for peace grows roots and fruits without end. While these roots of peace make the foundation and beginning of all things, it’s fruit is the true experience thereof.


Yes, I have seen the varieties that grow in life’s garden. But I have chosen only to nurture the tree of peace. It is because peace is and must be the source, even the beginning and end of life’s circles.


See how only the seeds protected by the canopy of peace will survive. It is because without this source and foundation in peace, they do wither and die sooner or later.


To reach it’s shade and partake of it’s varied fruit, one must release what they hold. Though what is held seems real, truly it is but transitory illusion. The path to the tree of peace will end in your nakedness, and this was your beginning after all, as you know. Thus ego and self-importance must be shed, that peace may be ours.


There, in peace and nakedness, the gifts of these fruits will all be yours. There you will know oneness. There you will know and be all and nothing. For you already are all and nothing, yet you do not fully experience this.


How can you live and be also free? Only by choosing to. All the paths lead to the foundation of peace. No one can make the necessary steps and reach peace for you!


– FA

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